If you run a small business, you probably are aware that big advertisements like TV ads and billboards can get very expensive. Most small businesses stick to what they know and play it safe when it comes to advertising. However, you are not like other small businesses, are you? You have a creative mind, you love to think out of the box, and you have so many great advertising ideas that would make even the biggest companies jealous. Here are a few ways that you as a small business can reach mass markets even with a small marketing budget.

Keep It Simple

Think of all the memorable brands available today. They usually only use their logo (like Apple) or their colour scheme (like Coca-Cola) and everybody instantly knows the brand and product somebody is using. When coming up with your advertisement plan, you don’t need big billboards that shove your message down people’s throats, use a more user-friendly canvas like a custom water bottle with your logo and tagline on it. If it’s simple yet memorable, your brand will start to grow organically as more people will take notice and look more into your company.

Target Your Audience

It’s super important to know who your target audience is. If you run a small car rental company, you wouldn’t want to run commercials during Saturday morning cartoons. If your target audience is young adults aged 18-25, try going to your local colleges to give out free samples of your product to get your name out.

Just because your budget doesn’t allow for extravagant ads, you can still get creative and work within your means to make an impactful marketing campaign that will get people to notice your company.

All credit goes to Lamin-8: Best Banner Printing in Toronto