Banners and posters are made for one main reason: to advertise. For small businesses, having the banners and posters is a great way to achieve more visibility, and reach a broader audience. You can have a lot of creativity with banners and posters by creating attention-grabbing designs, and bright colours and contrast to create an impactful visual impression. Here are some of the ways how a small business can benefit from using banners and posters.


Compared to other advertisements such as TV commercials and print ads, banners and posters are more cost-effective because they can be printed and purchased in bulk at a reduced price. They are also easy to set up, with no need to hire anyone to do so.

Constant Exposure

Using posters and banners as a part of your marketing plan has the benefit of, as long as they remain up, remaining constantly visible to potential customers. This means that your marketing will be consistently exposed to other people. This provides an advantage over other advertising methods, such as print ads in newspapers/magazines, television commercials etc. because they are usually temporary and easily forgotten. A tip about producing the banners and posters is to frame or laminate them to ensure that they stay in good condition for future use (and to save money).

Creative License

When it comes to the design of banners and posters, there is a wide range of creative choices to indulge in to make the banner/poster uniquely customized for your small business. Many things you can do are:

  • Choose from a range of sizes, shapes and colour schemes.
  • Choose banners/posters catered to certain events. Smaller posters and banners will be for inside use and to be used for promoting an upcoming event, while larger ones can be great to use in the exterior advertisement.

With the proper design and captivating images, you can provide great exposure for your small business.

High Visibility

Posters and banners can be put almost anywhere, but the key to getting good visibility is to be strategic about where you put them. You want to make sure that your target audience and potential customers are exposed to your advertisements as much as possible. Usually, for small businesses, the best places to post your banners and posters are at local areas that have high traffic such as banks, dining areas etc. If your business focuses on a specific target audience, post them where you think that audience venture the most. For example, if your target audience is teenagers, post them at coffee shops, movie theatres, restaurants, city bus stops etc.

Having custom made and high-quality banners and posters made for your business is a great way to promote it and receive the marketing exposure it needs. There is always a banner and poster solution for any of your marketing needs whether it is promoting a product, service, event or more.


All credit goes to Lamin-8: Best Banner Printing in Toronto