You’ve seen them at trade shows and fairs, and you’ve likely used them to help boost the attention and sales, but do you know what makes one banner stand successful and the other fall short?  Without knowing what makes a banner stand grab hold of the attention of passersby, it can be just another unrecognized piece of equipment that you’re hauling around.  Here are some tips so that your banner stand does the work you need it to.

First of all, you may be a great artist, but a designer thinks of aspects that you may not when it comes to marketing.  They’ll take down all of the information necessary about your company so that your stand grabs just the right audience and increases your customer base.  A designer knows what information will be instantly attractive, and what details are important to offer, as studies have shown that the typical consumer won’t read an entire script, but will be held captive by a few bold lines or pictures.  You’ll want just the right information and enough vibrancy so that people know what you’re selling, without getting too wordy or busy.

Where are you using your stands?  Whether you’re at a show or roadside, you’ll need to think about what size suits you for that particular venue.  Banner stands come in a few different sizes, and for these types of uses, it’s best to have them made with ease of transport in mind.  If you have lots of stock to haul, or a smaller vehicle, your banner stand must be able to fit around everything else you’re bringing.  You also don’t want to go with too small a banner, as the whole point is to grab attention, so the main stand must be just big enough to be clearly visible even from a distance.  (A mini banner stand is great on a booth table or on a store counter) If you are using stands outside of a store, you’ll want them to be light enough that staff can easily move them back inside upon closing time, but heavy enough to withstand strong winds or other inclement weather.

When you’re trying to open a shop in the morning or set up a trade fair booth, you don’t want to be struggling with your advertisement.  Retractable and pop up stands are incredibly versatile, and they’ll allow for a fast set up.

Good record keeping is a great way to determine how effective your banner stand really is.  When customers are inside browsing, or at the point of sale, it’s important to ask some questions and keep some type of record of their responses.  Have they identified your store partly from the banner?  Are they new clientele and were drawn in by the banner outside?  Even a simple book by your till can be an easy way to keep track of how many customers noticed your signage and whether or not it’s doing your business justice, or needs a tune-up.


All credit goes to Lamin-8: Best Digital Printing in Toronto