There’s a reason vinyl banners have been a staple material, and overall marketing tool, for years. While advertising through the internet has taken off and been proven very successful, printed banners are the best way to get a quick message out to the community without them having to jump through links or phone applications to see it. Investing in a digitally printed banner for your business comes with a large number of customization options regarding finishes, weight and what material is used. The advantages of using vinyl for your banners outweighs that of other materials, and we’re here to tell you why.


The reason vinyl banners are such a popular choice for advertisers is that they’re weather, wind and tear resistant, perfect for outdoor use. If you choose to go for a vinyl fabric with mesh, the wind will be able to pass through without worry that the banner will be ripped to shreds. The mesh will also prevent the banner from moving around as much in the wind, allowing the community to read its contents without trouble.

Banners made of alternative canvas materials like cotton or polyester aren’t as resistant to harsh weather and will get damaged more quickly over time. They can be lined or weighed down around the edges through reinforcement, but that will probably increase the cost.

Printing Options

Screen printing or large format digital printing is the most common methods for printing designs and lettering onto vinyl banners. Other materials require varying printing methods. However, these vinyl printing methods will ensure that your graphics are bright and consist of vivid colouring depending on your design choice. As vinyl material is fade resistant, you’ll have banners that last a long time while still maintaining its bold design.

Low Maintenance

Because these vinyl banners will most likely be outdoors for a while, they’re going to accumulate dirt and other debris in a short amount of time, depending on where you live. If you want your banner to stay clean and pristine for all to see, then you’re going to have to clean it every now and then. The flexible and portable vinyl is easy to clean, only requiring a quick wash with mild soap and water.

Canvas banners, on the other hand, can stain very easily, making it hard to keep them looking brand new, especially if they’re to be used outside. Cotton or polyester fabrics are also vulnerable to creasing and gaining wrinkles. The only way to get the banner as smooth as possible is to steam clean it or grab an iron. Clearly, vinyl banners are the victors when it comes to low maintenance banner choices.

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