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Panorama Frequently Asked Questions

Important message about Panorama Sizes

There are no standard print sizes when it comes to panoramas, including when taken with a smartphone or tablet. This is because when you take a panoramic photo with a smartphone, the aspect ratios may differ when you begin and end the capture.

How to Size Your Panorama

  • Click the Upload Image button to bring you to our upload page
  • Upload your image
  • Click Lock Aspect Ratio from the select a size options
  • Enter a height or width measurement
  • The other measurement will automatically populate, depending on the aspect ratio
  • Click check out!

Can I print a panorama that I took with my smartphone?

Of course! We can print your beautiful panoramic picture(s) that you took with your smartphone. When uploading your image, please choose the highest resolution image file.

How do I find the highest resolution file?

The best way to do this is by emailing your photo from your smartphone to your computer. If you have an iPhone, choose the “Actual Size” option. If you have an Android, choose the “Original Size” option.

I can’t decide on the product, which ones are the most popular for panoramas?

Right now, the most popular products include the Floatmount and Gallery Acrylic Facemount.

How long will it take to get my product after I place my order?

On average, we take about five business days to produce a panorama print. After that, shipping may take three to four business days.


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Amanda Haupt

Every time I’ve placed an order. I’ve used Lamin-8 for everything from small print jobs to large-scale projects such as store front window treatments and multi-format installations. They are fast, reliable, and extremely professional. I recommend them for any of your print needs, no matter how big or small.