Whether it is a start-up or an established company, advertising costs are quite intimidating for business owners. This is why companies are continuously exploring newer and more creative ways for advertising without having to spend a fortune. The good news is that there are a lot of new and improved alternatives for advertising. Businesses are spoilt for choices today. Having said that, it can be quite confusing to choose between different kinds of advertising options and choosing the perfect one that will convey your brand and message effectively. Vinyl printing is a popular form of advertisement for many businesses. There are many ways of applying vinyl printing to reach your target audience.

One of the key reasons why vinyl is so popular among businesses is its flexibility. A vinyl display can be customized to your specific needs. Be it colour, shape or print, with vinyl you can choose over an array of options. For instance, high-quality UV cured ink when used on vinyl printing can make the print waterproof and can withstand any kind of climate. Moreover, vinyl stickers and decals are environmentally friendly since they can be reused, removed and replaced without causing significant damage to the environment. Vinyl printing makes colours and graphics more defined and damage resistant. They can be cut into customized sizes and shapes as needed.

Window stickers, customized window clings and customized vinyl decals are the three main ways in which vinyl printing is used by businesses:

Window Stickers

Window stickers are not a new concept. They are colourful and bright graphics that have an adhesive on one side and can be stuck on a glass panel. Window stickers are known to cause a lasting impression on customers and can be quite advantageous when used correctly. Vinyl print window stickers are a cost-efficient and creative way to display your message to a potential customer. Vinyl stickers bring visibility to your brands and generate curiosity about your business.

Vinyl Custom Window Clings

Vinyl window clings are an excellent option for short-term advertising. Most custom window clings are quite flexible and reusable. You can reposition, reuse and remove them easily. This is why they are a favourite among businesses who use a lot of promotions especially for holidays, sales, Black Friday etc. They are usually designed to last long and will not fade easily.

Customized Vinyl Decals

Custom vinyl decals can be applied on walls, windows and even vehicles. They serve as a great option for transit advertising.

If you are considering investing in vinyl printing and are looking for more information around it, Lamin-8 is an expert in vinyl printing. Whether you need suggestions on colours, shapes or graphics, our team of experts can suggest the best options depending on your business requirement. Speak to a team member today to get customized affordable and long-lasting vinyl printing.