Special memories are both beautiful and priceless, and a great way to hang onto them is through acrylic photo prints. These are not only vivid and unique, but they also have a longer shelf-life than other types of photo prints, so you will cherish your memories for many years to come.

These types of prints are available in two varieties, including face-mounted or direct-print, so you will have options when creating your masterpiece. Face-mounted acrylic would allow you to produce vibrant colours, while direct prints will generally last longer, especially in humid environments. Regardless of which option you choose, you will have a beautiful image that will appear vivid and three-dimensional.

You should be aware of a few key pieces of information if you are interested in these types of prints, and the first is that not every image will look great on acrylic. If, for example, you want to print a picture with colours that spread to the edges of the printable colour range, it can be done, and the colours would be reproduced to the most significant effect. The colours may not look precise, but you will still be happy with the results because you would be able to increase the contrast of the photo using different filters, so you can take advantage of these effects, which would brighten up dull photos. These filters would also allow your pictures to pop out to have fun with these effects. It’s important to note that canvas can only print two-thirds of acrylic colours, so acrylic would still be your best bet.

Acrylic photo prints would also allow you to display your memories in your home, and these prints are very modern, so they could serve as a statement piece and draw a lot of attention. Acrylic prints have a very polished look and can serve as a beautiful artistic item in your home. These prints can also be placed outside the home because they are robust and will not fade. They are light and easy to work with, but you should not place these prints directly opposite a sunny window because reflections will not allow people to view the photo properly.

Professional photographers, in particular, can take advantage of this medium because acrylic surfaces offer great protection for prints meaning they are ideal for art galleries. An artist’s work is sure to stand out through this type of display, so your photos will definitely get noticed.

If you’re interested in ordering acrylic photo prints, the experts at Lamin-8 can help! We will discuss the different options and services we offer and provide you with prints suitable for your home or work. Contact us today to find out more!