There are endless options when it comes to filling your walls with style, creativity, and your personal touch. Displaying art or photos on a print is an excellent way to express yourself and customize your decor to your taste. Once you have your images selected, you will have to decide what type of print to use. The kind you choose will depend on the content you are displaying and the style you are going for. This is a guide that will help you understand the difference between acrylic Print and canvas print. It will help you understand the differences between the two so that you end up with a wall full of images that suit your space best.

Acrylic Prints

This is a trendy and modern way to display your photography. It allows you to print directly on clear and sturdy acrylic, giving a chic look. Light shines through the glass, which gives your photos depth and substance. It offers excellent image quality from edge to edge. There is white UV curable ink on the back to protect the image from sun damage. Acrylic prints make colours look vibrant with added glossiness. This medium is a great way to accentuate a modern home with bright travel pictures, skyline images, or rural landscapes.

There are two types of acrylic prints: direct and face mounting. Direct printing involves printing images or text directly on acrylic, while face mounting consists of first printing the image on paper and then mounting it on acrylic. Face mounting is a more costly method since the process is more difficult than direct printing. It is more vibrant than direct since it employs the reflective properties of acrylic better. Face mounted acrylic is popular among professional photographers because they can get a 3D effect from their photos when printing that way.


This type of print has been around for a while, but there have been recent improvements made to the way it is printed. Using inkjet printers and dye sublimation brings out a crisper image. Many people like it because of the sense of elegance it exudes since it looks more antiqued. Images are not as sharp or modern as acrylic prints, but a canvas wrap is one of the most popular ways to display a photo.

You can transform your photo collection with a sophisticated set of canvas prints. Photos are directly printed on museum-quality woven poly-cotton canvas and stretched on hand-cut wood bars. They are ready-to-hang and finished with UV damage protectant to resist against cracking and fading from the sun. They add a sense of elegance to any room and are ideal for nature shots, family portraits, or close-up photography that highlights texture. Black and white look exceptionally crisp on canvas, but colour prints look great too. You can seamlessly create a gallery with canvas prints of various styles and sizes.

Regardless of if you want your images face-mounted on acrylic or canvas, Lamin-8 can help. Our experienced printers will ensure your prints are of the highest quality and priced competitively. Call us today for a quote.