The days when you’d have to trek down the road to a shop for your printing needs have become obsolete. The lack of convenience and quality frustrated business owners that avidly used printing services immensely. Fortunately, today’s printing needs are efficient, producing high-quality prints with fast turnaround time for affordable pricing. These are just some of the benefits you will see from a reliable printing service. To learn more about the four factors to consider when choosing a printing company, check out our guide below.

1. Transparent, Affordable Pricing

All companies should be transparent with their pricing, however, this isn’t always the case. Select a company that displays the pricing on their website for you to easily access and reflect on. Avoid companies that do not have the prices for their services right on their website. In addition to the upfront price, the company should also include finishing costs, delivery and/or mounting services as well. Lamin-8 digital printing and fine art finishing printing service openly display pricing for all services based on square footage for our customers to easily access.

2. Ultimate Convenience

Previously having to discuss and submit your project and then pick it up in-person from a printing company was extremely inconvenient and time-consuming. For businesses or projects that require several prints, you’re leaving the shop with several hefty boxes in tow. Lamin-8 printing experts take care of everything from preparing the project, printing and even mounting the project for you. Communication is important and our printing professionals will always keep you in the loop and remain helpful and friendly to ensure your project is handled properly.

3. Verify The Quality

Once you choose a highly qualified printing company, it’s important to confirm its quality based on past printing projects to determine their abilities. Examine attention to detail by inspecting past print samples of their work to verify the images clarity, quality and text structure along with checking for any smudging. A printing company that does not post their past print projects on their site or in-store for display should be avoided. It’s also best to choose a printing company that offers a variety of printing services and styles that allow customers to get more creative with their designs and have more freedom to try different styles.

4. Experience and Punctuality

Several years of experience and care will shine through in a professional printing company. Regardless of just how long printing professionals have been doing the job, trusted printing experts never neglect a project by forgetting to double-check, apply meticulous detail and communicate with the customer thoroughly. It’s imperative that a project is thoroughly looked over to ensure proper measurements and prevent mistakes.

Lamin-8 is a reputable digital printing company in Toronto that offers a number of printing services for both commercial and retail customers. From the printing itself to the mounting, our printing professionals handle it all for you. Have a project you wish to discuss with us? Get a quote from us to get started at