The maximum print size varies from printer to printer. But most commercial printers are unable to accommodate extra large print dimensions, such as wall posters, event announcement posters, store display signs, banners and promotional signs. These are called large format printing or wide-format printing. It requires special production equipment that can accommodate extra-large print dimensions.

Large format printing has a number of important uses in advertising and marketing. It allows the display to be clearly visible from a distance. Good designs with sharp colors grab attention. They allow clear visibility in a room with a large audience, such as business presentations, conferences, classrooms and large workshops.

Large format printing is usually a flat wall-hanging that can be folded. Others are free-standing roll-up banners that can be placed on stands for viewing ease. Whatever your requirement, itโ€™s important to get it right, so the purpose is met effectively. The colors should not be dull or bleed into each other. The font should be sharp, bright, and clear.

Vinyl PVC Banners

Ideal for advertising a special event or product, vinyl PVC banners are hard to miss. They are weather-resistant, tamper-proof and waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor applications. For high-solution vinyl banners of all shapes and sizes, you need to consult printing experts who specialize in these. They can attach eyelets if you require them to be hung on a wall. Banners over 1.5 meters in width come with eyelets spaced 500 mm apart. They work well for outdoor advertising, exhibitions, retail displays, wedding signages and birthday event announcements.

Pop-Up Stands

These are fully magnetic exhibition stands with a self-locking system and magnets attached in the bars and hubs for easy latching. They are easy to assemble and dismantle, even if you are doing it for the first time. Pop-up stands are available in many varieties and prices. Good quality ones can last you for many years. They are an asset in exhibitions and trade shows, customer demonstrations and business presentations. High-quality displays highlight your message or brand in an impressive way.

Outdoor Poster

Billboards or outdoor posters are hard to miss, even in heavy foot traffic. In any event or product launch, they draw eyes instantly. Such large format printing needs to be perfectly sharp and bright despite the size. They need to be weatherproof, rip-resistant and sharp for distance viewing. Images often appear blurred at close range, but sharp from a distance.

Window Graphics

See-through shop window graphics are used mostly for promoting limited-time offers. They allow your display to be viewed easily at your entrance without blocking out the sunlight. Other forms of large format printing are backlit graphics that are illuminated from behind and use self-adhesive vinyl.

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