With the increasing use of digital media, it may seem that print will become a thing of the past, but we beg to differ. While there seem to be endless options for marketing online, advertising and sponsored content in print media can serve a crucial role in influencing your target audience. Here are some benefits to print marketing.


Tangible media has always been considered more credible than virtual. While their digital counterparts outnumber print publications, print media is still the top choice for renowned journalists and scientists. Several printing publications have built strong legacies over the decades, and they hold their content to high standards to maintain that. When consumers trust a publication, they also extend that trust to the marketing messages inside of it.


Printing publications audit and define their audiences exactly, allowing your brand message to target people that matter the most for your company’s growth. Your message will speak louder and shine brighter when you zero in on the people who would find it most relevant.


Most people live their lives nowadays staring at a screen at their jobs and while at home. They work on computers and smartphones, and then entertain themselves with televisions and tablets. When people decide to glance at a print publication, they are taking the opportunity to step away from a screen. They are forced to focus on one page at a time rather than wandering their eyes between various tabs and windows. Viewers that are giving their full attention to a page are more likely to remember your brand’s message.


A study conducted in 2009 by the Center for Experimental Consumer Psychology found that print media creates a lasting impact on people. Because it is tangible, print media stimulates multiple senses, which triggers several emotions in the brain, creating a more memorable experience. In contrast, they found that digital content uses more energy to process, making it more challenging to retain. With the average person viewing more than 1,700 banner ads online each month, it would be impossible for them to recall most of them.


For most of human history, print has been the only form of media people have consumed. Even with the introduction of radio, television, and the internet, print still maintains its credibility and found ways to thrive. The rise of digital media has only added to the power marketers have to use print media more productively. It was once the only option but is now one piece of a greater whole. It is actually a good thing that print has more competition now than ever before. It gives both consumers and marketers the luxury of choice. They can now choose out of multiple avenues which one is the right choice for their goals. Print will always remain the centrepiece of marketing and content strategies because of all of its inherent advantages.

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