If you have ever had to submit a project or paper and wish to give a little extra protection to your work, you may have considered lamination. Whether you are opting for acrylic printing or digital printing, finding the right lamination place in Toronto can be a struggle. We recommend sticking to reputed businesses and professionals like Lamin-8, for example, to make sure that your project or prints are laminated carefully. Before you even consider lamination, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

The Process

The lamination process takes time. So if you are looking to get your work laminated, we suggest you keep a window of at least 24 to 48 hours, allowing ample time for the job to be completed successfully.


Depending on what the purpose of your project is, the thickness will vary. For instance, if you are looking to print a menu card, naturally you would want the contents to be visible through the laminate. In this case, the thickness should be adjusted accordingly, so as to facilitate visibility, but at the same time protect the menu. Also, the paper on which your project is printed will determine which laminate is suitable. Additionally, you can choose to laminate either one side or full encapsulated lamination. Generally, there are three choices of laminate:

Thin Laminate: It is usually suited for #32 text paper with 5 mil laminate.

Thick Laminate: This kind offers protection but is sturdy, suitable for event badges for instance. Usually, #32 text paper with 10 mil is perfect for this lamination style.

Super Thick Laminate: Super thick laminates are useful when you want your pieces to last for a long while. An example would be a loyalty card, credit card or even your license. A #100 card paper with 10 mil laminate is used for this effect.


There are two possibilities when it comes to edges. Lip edge is when ⅛” lamination hangs over the edge of the paper or flush edge where the lamination ends right at the border, leaving no edge.


Lamination formats vary as per the size of the job. Smaller formats are suitable for items that are small than 11×17 like badges, menu card or membership cards. Large format lamination is suitable for projects like boards and posters.


Just like any print jobs, laminate too can be glossy, matte or dry-erase. Glossy offers a clear view and shine, a typical finish for laminate. The matte finish has a more textured finish and dry-erase allows you to add text with markers and erase it, as required.

Finishing Touch

The last things that you would consider are finishing touches for your project. At this stage, you can decide if you want rounded edges, sharp edges, possible a punched hole to add the card to a keychain if you are having a membership card project. You can also choose the shape of punch too.

Lamin-8 work with a variety of commercial and personal clients for printing, mounting and finishing requirements. They are known for their trustworthy, timely and best-in-class services for all kinds of printing and laminating.