We live in a world of constant technological innovation and the printing industry is changing because of it. Demand for print has not slowed down and the natural progression of tech has allowed ink printing services and web-to-print solutions to expand. Digital and wide format printing are especially popular and there are certain trends that you can expect to see more of in the coming years, including the following:

Additional security
The technological boom saw the need for cybersecurity and this is a demand that is also needed in the print industry because a lot of print documents contain large amounts of sensitive information. This is an aspect many consumers are concerned about but newer printers are providing more security to protect against hackers and the possibility of other forms of tampering.

More digitization
Workflow digitization is a very big trend at the moment and plays an important role in the world of print. Web-to-print technologies is a great example of this concept and allows users to both scan and store their documents seamlessly. This would allow them to take their print project from a concept to full completion quickly whenever they’re ready and re-orders would be fast and easy as the documents would already be stored.

Simplicity in design
Print customers are seeking minimalist designs and are no longer looking for complicated information. For this reason, many printers have in-house designers who can provide clean and crisp print pieces to their clients. Minimalist designs are more visually appealing and far more effective than overwhelming prints, so a lot of printers are abandoning complex designs. Clean pieces are preferred over designs that attempt to squeeze as much visual information into a print piece as possible.

Printing from your smartphone
We live in a world where you can do everything on the go and print buyers want this same convenience from print shops. This means they expect to be able to print directly from their smartphone because our devices allow us to order pretty much anything and printing should be no exception. Devices allow us to remain connected with one another and printing-on-the-go is a service that printers must provide if they want to remain in business and stay relevant. Customers want this convenience and as a result, print companies are spending less time with face-to-face customer experiences yet seeing the same rewards.

These are just a few of the top trends we are seeing in the digital printing world, and Lamin-8 is familiar with them all. We can provide you with more information and help with all of your printing needs through the services we provide. We offer acrylic printing, banner printing, digital printing and more, so if you are in the Toronto area, give us a call now!