When considering a banner for your business, you are likely going to be choosing between vinyl and fabric banners. These are the two most common banner styles, and one will usually suit your needs better than the other. We want you to be certain that you are getting the right style for you the first time around.

Here are the main factors to consider when choosing between vinyl and fabric banners.


When considering overall cost, a fabric banner will generally cost more than a vinyl one. Fabric as a material is more expensive, and because it is more porous than vinyl, it requires more ink to produce the same results yielding higher ink costs. Fabric also needs a more complicated process to finish than vinyl, as it must be sewn compared to vinyl’s heat welding process. Keep in mind that the bigger your piece, the greater the disparity between your two options.


This really comes down to preference. Both vinyl and fabric banners have the option of having a matte finish, but fabric banners will generally look better in photos due to their natural surface texture. The smooth surface on a vinyl banner will reflect light even on a matte finish. However, if a banner needs to be placed where a light source will shine on the back, a fabric banner will appear washed out as light comes through it, whereas vinyl will be opaque and let less light through, keeping its appearance better.

Durability & Storage

Very simply, vinyl will hold up much better if it is required to be used outdoors, while fabric will be more durable with heavy short-term use. Both would need to be stored correctly to extend the lifespan of the banners, where vinyl can be rolled but fabric can be folded. This also means that the fabric banner can collapse down to a much smaller size, making it the better choice if transportation space is tight.


While both can be stored for a decent amount of time with very little ill effects on the quality of the banner, vinyl shines the brightest when it comes to keeping the banner clean. With its smooth, non-absorbent surface, vinyl repels dirt and mild amounts of liquids, and can usually be cleaned very easily with a wet cloth. Fabric will slowly gather dirt over time and will need special attention if it gets stained or dirty, usually meaning a trip to the dry cleaners.


Fabric banners are generally the way to go if you value appearance and portability. It will look great in photographs and pack easily for travel from place to place. It must be kept away from dirt, as it will stain very easily, and it is the more expensive option.

Vinyl banners are very durable options that stand up to weather and dirt extremely well. As the cheaper option, they are excellent for single-use events to look great and pack a punch. They do tend to cause glare with flash photography, and they are harder to store due to potentially getting crunched or wrinkled.

In our opinion, both types of banners work well for different reasons. We believe that there are different applications for vinyl and fabric banners, depending on what you are hoping to use them for. If you are still unsure about which banner is right for you, our Lamin-8 experts are happy to work with you to find the best material for your needs. Our high-quality banners will ensure that no matter which product you choose, you will have a top-notch marketing tool for your next big event. Call or email us to get your quote today!