Need to print documents, but no time to visit the printing shop? No problem. Simply send it to us at Lamin-8 through the web and we will print it for you.

Internet technology has made things faster and more convenient in many ways. Work output has doubled in speed with better quality results at a fraction of the time and cost. Online solutions give you the flexibility to place an order from your home or office, view, review and speed up workflow, all while reducing costs. You can choose templates for custom printing, make updates from anywhere in the world and reduce downtime right from ordering to delivery. You don’t need to visit vendors to shop for the best prices for printing. Just order from our central online hub, and save time and expenses. There are several other advantages in web-to-print solutions.

Consistent Brand Communication

It is important to keep your brand colours, images, fonts, communication tone, style and image consistent across all marketing platforms, online and offline. When you print from multiple vendors, consistency can get affected and the image of the brand will be affected. A single source like Lamin-8 ensures that design guidelines are uniform through all advertising materials from small to large format printing, roll-up and vinyl banners, stands, wall posters, canvas printing and everything else you have in mind, all follow the same principles. A single go-to source ensures consistency across all platforms and quality control.

Quick Turnaround

It takes time to create any advertising material. It also takes experience to meet the highest standards and delivers on time. Some vendors have the skill but not the experience. Others have experience but are unable to deliver on time or costs are beyond budget. When you print from a single, reliable go-to source, you consistently enjoy efficiency at every step.

The entire process is streamlined and transparent from getting quotes upfront for bulk orders to instant proofs, tracking status, delivery in minutes or hours instead of weeks and there’s no need to edit or review after printing because everything can be done before the final process. When you order in bulk from the same source, the rates go down too. Web-to-print stores eliminate the need for warehouse storage, reducing inventory of administrative costs, and production costs.

You have more control with the option of last-minute alterations without adding to costs, monitoring progress, making adjustments in real-time, ordering on-the-go through mobile devices, view order status and package tracking.

Lamin-8, Toronto

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